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“If something is your passion, it never dies. It never goes away. That dream is always in front of you.”

— Carol Lewis, retired postal worker


Carol Lewis, a 61-year-old retired postal worker, became a first-time director in her Chapter Two. Follow her journey, watch her first film and see how she proves that retirement can be a time to do what you love.

See Carol’s first film

Jennifer’s Symphony

As a mother of three, Jennifer McKinley’s passion for music has taken a backseat. Yet when her retirement comes, she knows what dream she will pursue.

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Meet the music composer

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Retired IT Director Martin Welling gets back to his love of music composition and collaborates with an experienced composer to create the soundtrack for Carol’s first film.

Go behind the scenes

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Go behind the scenes of Jennifer’s Symphony, a Chapter Two film created by a group of passionate people in their retirement.

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"I have children starting to write, really write, on their own and independently, by the time they are out of kindergarten."

— Yossie Ziff, retired business owner

see how it came full circle

When Yossie Ziff retired and moved to Venice, CA, he didn't just go home, he went back to where his heart had always been: teaching and surfing.

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"It took me 32 years to get back to what I always wanted to do."

— Mike Tiscia, retired bank examiner

Retired bank examiner

Never too late to become an artist

You don't have to be born an artist; you can become one. Like Mike Tiscia, who got a degree in economics and spent 32 years as a bank examiner before getting serious about painting in retirement. Now he got the chance to see his work go up five stories high in Manhattan.

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“In my studio I feel like a sorceress and the studio is my lair.  I never quite know what will materialize.”

— Maj Kalfus, retired department store executive


Maj was selected to work with renowned cartoonist Mort Gerberg to create cartoons for a national caption contest.

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Calling an inning in retirement

Ed Shakespeare has always loved radio, words and sports. So when he won the Chapter Two Play-by-Play contest, he finally got to bring all three together. Not only did Ed get to visit the studio, he also got to call an inning with Howie Rose, voice of the Mets Radio Network.

Ed with Howie Rose, official announcer of the Mets Radio Network.

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Hear Ed tell his Chapter Two story.

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From newspaperman to boxer

Jed Stevenson worked for one of the world's greatest newspapers for 32 years. Yet he didn't realize how much he loved boxing until he retired and was able to go to the gym almost every day. Now as a boxing trainer, he not only gets to enjoy it himself, but he also gets to pass on the love of the sport.

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Hear Jed tell his Chapter Two story.

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"I still go to the studio every day. I guess you never lose that work ethic."

— Robert L. Pillsbury, retired architect

Retired architect

Turned cut-paper artist

Robert L. Pillsbury always knew he had a visually creative side. But during his busy forty-year career as an architect, he never found the time to discover the right form of expression. Now, as a 74-year-old in retirement, he has finally found his medium: cut-paper.

His process

See his art come to life

Robert’s Cut-paper Art

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Voiceover artists in retirement

Flynn Jones worked as a middle school chemistry teacher and David Satkowski as a New Jersey police officer, but neither one discovered his love for voiceover work until retirement.

Now they're using their voices to bring other people's Chapter Two stories to the world.

David Satkowski

Presents Peter Herbst

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Listen as David presents the story of Peter Herbst, retired magazine editor, who recorded his first album in retirement.

Flynn Jones

Presents Carol Lewis

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To bring Carol Lewis' Chapter Two to the radio, Flynn Jones offered his voice to carry her story.

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From fashion to healthy cooking

Sometimes you don't discover your true passion until later in life. For Ann Ogden Gaffney, it was her love of helping people, which she only discovered after retiring from fashion and going through cancer treatments. Now she helps others touched by cancer through healthy cooking classes.

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Hear Ann tell her Chapter Two story.

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Keeping the art of lithography alive

In 1982, Brenda Berkman became one of the first female firefighters in New York City. After 24 years on the job, she retired as Captain. Now she's picking up an entirely different passion, and becoming one of the few people using the lost art of lithography.

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Hear Brenda tell her Chapter Two story.

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