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  • How much money do you think you might need when you retire?

  • How much money do you think you might need when you retire?

    Tell us your current age and how old you think you'll be when you retire.

    Enter a number to guess your total.

  • How did we calculate this?
    To calculate how many years it might take to spend your guessed amount
    in retirement, we used your age, years until retirement, and inflation rate
    of 3%, and average spending data from the 2012 Expenditure Survey.

    Based on national spending averages,

    $1,500,000 will likely be spent by the age of 76.

    Come up a little short? Guessing how much money you might need
    to save for retirement that could last 30 or 40 years is pretty hard.
    A good place to start: Think about how many years you may live in
    retirement and how much income you'll need each year.

    There are two steps you can take to help
    make sure your money lasts.

    1. Create a retirement income strategy 2. Maximize
    social security
    Learn how annuities can help keep your money growing in
    retirement, and turn a lump sum into guaranteed income that
    lasts for as long as you live. See more →
    If you are entitled to collect income from Social Security,
    there are steps you can take to help you maximize your benefit.
    To learn more, watch this video →

    Find a Financial Professional to get complete details.

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