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The behavior behind procrastination

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It’s human nature to procrastinate. Here, behavioral expert and professor Dan Gilbert helps us understand how overcoming procrastination can help you reach your retirement goals.

The Pulse of the Challenge Lab
You have a week to prepare a speech for your best friend’s wedding. When do you start?
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Could procrastination make you more productive?

Studies show our brains get fatigued from all the little decisions we make every day. So what happens if we take a break? Could procrastination actually make us more productive?

The Procrastination Personality Test

We all procrastinate. But we do it for different reasons. Understanding your unique style of procrastination can help you identify why you’re putting things off, and what you can do to fight it.

Procrastination Personality Test

Procrastination Calculator

We all procrastinate more than we'd like. So what if we stopped? Could we really accomplish more?

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Did you know?

If you’ve ever made a New Year’s resolution, you know that we all have great intentions. But our follow-through could use some work. Only 8% of people are successful in achieving their resolutions. (The rest of us will get around to them later.)

The mere thought of working out leads most of us to procrastinate. This same behavior is triggered when we think about planning for our financial future. We have every intention of doing it, but it always seems to get put off for another day.

What’s the cost of waiting?

Contributing just a little more to your workplace retirement plan can make a huge difference down the road. But to have the biggest impact, it’s important to start now.

Rethinking Retirement

See retirement planning differently

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If you could pay yourself to do what you love in retirement, what would you do? We did an experiment to find out. See what people said.