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Insurance Solutions for Individuals and Their Advisors

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Insurance for Individuals and Their Advisors

Insurance offers benefits that are both emotional and financial, from providing long-term security for our loved ones to replacing income if we can’t work.

50% of Americans today believe they have enough insurance coverage, which is a good thing. Yet many people remain underinsured. Some think insurance is too costly or complex. Some put it behind other financial priorities. Others just don’t like to think about it.

This insurance gap affects everyone. Adequate insurance can help make sure we don’t leave a financial burden on our families, and protect against the financial challenges of a disability or critical illness.

Prudential is committed to closing the insurance gap. We’re working to expand awareness of the real risks we face and create solutions that are easier to access, afford and understand.

  • 3 in 10

    households have no life insurance.

  • 1/3

    of families say they would struggle to pay the bills if a primary wage earner died.

  • 30%

    of households say they would have a hard time managing expenses if they lost a primary wage earner.

  • 35

    million Americans have no life insurance coverage.

Helping More Americans Get Protected

Find out how we’re helping to close America’s insurance gap with sound solutions for individuals and organizations. Watch stories of people whose lives have been changed by the life insurance choices their families have made.

The Life Insurance Coverage Gap
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Despite the financial and emotional benefits life insurance can provide, ownership is at a 50-year low. Prudential examines the reasons why so many Americans are underinsured and offers strategies for how financial professionals can help to close the gap.

Life Insurance Needs Estimator
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Not sure how much life insurance coverage you need to protect your family? Get an estimate in seconds. You can then refine your estimate by adjusting some basic assumptions.

Value of All You Do
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Estimate your life insurance needs based on income, expenses and assets. And determine the amount you’d need to cover services like child care, housekeeping, food preparation, driving, yard care and home maintenance.

Protect Your Future With Insurance

The value of an advisor and workplace benefits

You’ve got people who rely on you for financial support. So how can you provide the protection they’ll need if something ever happens to you?

An experienced financial advisor can help you compare and evaluate the types of insurance you might need, and help you decide how much is right for you. You can also take advantage of options that may be available through your workplace benefits, from life insurance to disability and other coverages.