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Investment Solutions for Individuals and Their Advisors

For Institutions

Our Perspective

Investments for Individuals and Their Advisors

Today, we’re living in a global economy that’s more complex and interconnected than ever before. Information is moving quickly. Markets are more dynamic. New economies are emerging. And events around the world can have a profound impact at home.

We’re all being challenged to think harder about the way we invest. It’s why Prudential takes a disciplined approach to balancing risk and reward. With highly-rated funds backed by deep, seasoned teams of asset managers and research analysts, we’re creating solutions that are built to last across equity, fixed income and specialty asset classes.

  • 15%

    of baby boomers currently working think they’ll be able to retire as planned and not work in retirement.

  • 53%

    of Americans are not working with an advisor.

  • 13%

    of Americans say they are “very confident” they’ll have enough for a comfortable retirement.

  • 85%

    of baby boomers still working today think they’ll need to continue to work in retirement.

Investing in an Age of Risks

Volatile markets and a dynamic global economy create challenges and opportunities for today’s investors. Learn how Prudential distinguishes real value and risk, and how we develop solutions that have been stress tested in a range of economic scenarios.

Income Solutions Guide
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Income-generating investments play an important role for investors looking to diversify their portfolio, reduce volatility, or supplement their salary. Explore ways you can meet the growing demand for income, even in a low-yield environment, with mutual funds spanning dividend-oriented equities, fixed income and REITs.

Fixed Income Options in DC Plans
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Workplace retirement plan participants now have more responsibility when it comes to investing for their retirement. Trends suggest the time may be right to strengthen the lineup of fixed income offerings in DC plans.

Planning Your Investment Strategy

The value of working with a financial advisor

From planning your retirement to financing your children’s education, having access to professional financial guidance can help you navigate the challenges of a complex, ever-changing investing environment.

Your financial advisor can offer insights based on experience and knowledge. Help manage risk and evaluate opportunities. And help you create a long-term, diversified strategy tailored to your investing goals.