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Retirement Solutions for Plan Sponsors, Advisors and Consultants

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Retirement Solutions for Plan Sponsors, Advisors and Consultants

With people living longer, we’re challenged to finance retirements that could last 20 to 30 years or more. The shift from defined benefit to defined contribution plans over the last generation means we’ve lost some of the predictability that comes with a pension.

This calls for a fundamental shift in the way we plan for retirement, from just accumulating savings to planning for lifetime income. Prudential is leading the way, partnering with advisors to drive better retirement outcomes for plan sponsors and participants alike. We’re making sure people don’t outlive their money in retirement, while helping organizations manage their costs and workforce mobility more effectively.

Prudential Retirement is helping transform the retirement landscape with in-plan guaranteed income solutions, innovative pension risk transfer strategies, including protected portfolio buy-ins, buy-outs, and reinsurance strategies; lifetime structured settlement solutions; our leadership in stable value investments; and our institutional investments based on a sound risk management discipline.

  • 30

    years. Prudential has been a leader in stable value solutions for 30 years.

  • 15%

    of baby boomers currently working think they’ll be able to retire as planned and not work in retirement.

  • 85%

    of baby boomers still working today think they’ll need to continue to work in retirement.

Leading the Way to Secure Workplace Retirement

Prudential is leading the way in creating a secure retirement through the workplace, with innovative pension risk transfer strategies and more predictable in-plan income solutions for a defined contribution world.

Restore What We Lost in Shift to DC
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The shift from DB to DC plans poses challenges to participant retirement planning and employer workforce management. Innovative guaranteed lifetime income solutions from Prudential can address these challenges. Our case study highlights the benefits.

Assessing Stable Value After 2008
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Stable value has evolved significantly since the 2008 financial crisis. Changes to the stable value marketplace have created a stronger and more sustainable asset class which plan participants have continued to make a cornerstone of their retirement strategy.

The Future of Employee Benefits
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Finance executives share their perspectives on the value, cost, and financial viability of employee benefits programs, the inadequacy of employee retirement savings, and the need to provide better retirement outcomes despite market volatility.

Creating a More Secure Workplace Retirement

Solutions for better retirement outcomes

In an era when people are living longer than ever and the focus of workplace retirement has shifted from DB to DC plans, innovative solutions from Prudential can drive better retirement outcomes for plan sponsors and participants alike.

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